Whiskas ad cat-astrophe: the first hidden message

As I mentioned it earlier, one reason behind scratching this blog is my royal bloodline.
I saw THAT advertising in the TV of my Human when I was at a really young age – like 3 months old and I could barely sharpen my claws on the couch properly -, so I couldn’t understand all the meanings behind this wintery, cat foody, cat-almost-kissing-his-human thing. But now, as I am older and wiser, all hidden hints of locating and rescuing me by my royal family are crystal clear.

In this post, I would like to present the story of THE AD and how I put together the little pieces of hidden meanings in my – hand-and-paw-some – little head.

It all happened on an early-autumn afternoon. Like this one. Actually, it was exactly the same date. I remember, because my Human had these funny, noisy and colorful papers with – hopefully – boxes in it like this year and the year before, too, and this little and deliciously looking edible thing which another human set on fire and I was scared and run away to the fortress and sat there – to get over this huge shock – for an hour. Or for a couple of minutes.
So, anyway it was exactly 2 years ago – as I later recognized, on my Human’s name day. Yes, it’s a thing here – when I calmly laid on the couch with my Human and her thing which was set on fire – referred as name day cake – trying to taste it because I have never tasted fire before. And there it was. Big screen, light music, sounds like we have in our Outdoor at winter and a huge, spotted cat gracefully jumping and running into a house, and then miraculously changing into a smaller cat – the purrfect size might I add – eating and bonding with his or her human.
I just sat there, totally forgetting about the taste of fire, because I know that this is something. Fur real. Something different. Not the usual cute-and-furry cats running around with little humans or other kitties and happily eating food from a purrfectly clean bowl in a purrfectly clean house on an eye-hurtingly sharp and bright-colored set. No. It was quite dark, slow and smooth, and then it hit me: it was for my taste. On that very minute it became so clear, so obvious: my family is messaging me through cat food advertising, because they know I’m watching it. They composed it differently – for a royalty’s taste of course – so I can notice it, and I can decode the message. Furry claw-er.
It took me some time to cat-ch my Human’s attention with this issue, but the hours of enduring couch-scratching finally did the thing. I’m not really sure what my family would have liked to say, but currently, we are working on decoding every message they send me in advertisings. Because they do. All the time. The difference is that few months ago they switched from cat food ads to actually anything, so I have to be furry careful.


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