The Furry Tail of Albert

I would like to start this blog with a proper introduction, so here we go:

“My Shorthair biography:

Officially I am His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Catbridge, the long lost crown prince of the noble British Shorthair family, so actually Prince Albert, but my Human simply calls me Albert. Which I generously excuse her.

I am a purebred British Shorthair rescue cat – I learned this term from my Human and it means I am super brave and super vigorous and super super things like that -, now happily living with her in her apartment in Budapest.

I started scratching my ideas into the couch, but my Human seemed to freak out because of that so we agreed on writing this blog to express and share my thoughts and opinion on things more efficiently.

I’ve chosen advertising as the major subject for my scratchings because my Human really loves watching them and I really love watching them, too and because of that we watch a lot of them and they are funny.

(But the truth is that I have a second reason behind this: once I’ve seen a message hidden in a so called „Whiskas” ad where a noble relative of mine tried to locate me. I instantly meowed back, trying to communicate with him constantly pushing the funny box – or TV as my Human calls it – which she didn’t really appreciate, so I failed miserably. After that, I decided to search through and analyze these ads to find other hidden messages to contact my noble family.)

So through my adventure of searching, I would like to share my mind – with the kind assistance of my Human who can type with those funny paws of hers – with everyone interested in reading about ads in the interpretation of a cat-ching and paw-some purr-sonality.”